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Government Of Assam Udalguri District

Election Branch

  • This branch deals in

    1)  Administration and implementation under Acts, Rules and Guidelines entrusted by the Election Department, Government of Assam/Election Commission of India from time to time.
    2)  Preparation of electoral rolls
    3)  Implemetation of provisions relating to conduct of election for Parliament,Legislature of State,BTC as per provisions of Act(s) and Rules contained in the Constitution of India
    4)  To issue directives to all officers to be deployed for conduct of revision of electoral rolls and conduct of elections as per ECI's guidelines
    5)  Updating of electoral rolls by preparation / publication of draft /disposal of claims for deletion,addition,correction of voters names & particulars/final publication of electoral rolls
    6)  Approval of printing works/construction works under ECI's guidelines /order communicated by the Government from time to time
    7)  Logistic support to ERO,AERO and other election related functionary to facilitate them to perform duties smoothly
    8)  Disposal of appeal to be submitted by the appellate on being aggrived by the decision taken by the ERO regarding rejecting his claims
    9)  Proper maintenance of storage of ballot boxes,furniture,electoral rolls ,EVMs etc.
    10) Matters relating to pay and allowances of staff, contingency funds relating to elections including preparation of budget,submission of requirement of funds for pay and allowances and other expenses to conduct elections, etc