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Government Of Assam Udalguri District

Magistracy Branch

  • This branch Deals in
    1)  Matters relating to maintenance of security, law and order in the district
    2)  Matters under Cr.P.C. and amended provisions and promulgation of prohibitory orders
    3)  Prosecutions sanction
    4)  Conduct of Government cases in various courts
    5)  Administration of the Code of Criminal Procedure ,1973 and subsequent amendments
    6)  Reports and returns to High Courts
    7)  Matters relating to MACT cases
    8)  Verification of Characters and Antecedents
    9)  Complaints against police inaction /non-cooperation
    10) Matters relating to Police Stations/Thana Level Committees
    11) Matters relating to Communal Harmony
    12) Matters relating to Government Pleaders,Public Prosecutors and Assistant Public Prosecutors, Assistant Government Pleaders and matters relating to them, etc