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Government Of Assam Udalguri District

Department of Excise

  • Department work details

    Administration under the provision of :

    a) The Assam Excise Act, 1910

    b) The Assam Excise Rules, 1945

    c) The Assam Bonded Ware House Rules, 1965

    d) The Assam Services(Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1964

    e) The Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules , 1969

    f) The Assam Services (Pension) Rules, 1969

    g) The Delegation of Financial Power Rules,1960

    h) The Assam Revised Leave Rules, 1934

    i) The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and Rules

    It consists of the following sections:-

    a) Licensing and prosecution sanction

    b) Personnel section

    c) Accounts section

    a) Licensing and prosecution sanction under the provisions of Acts and Rules and executive instruction inthis regard

    Action against persons involved in illicit liquor ,drugsetc and to earn revenue

    b) Personnel Section:-

    It deals with all the matters indicated under personnel Section so far as Excise staff is concerned.It also deals with the

    Personnel matters of Inspecting Excise staff under rules , e.g . the Assam Excise Service Rules , 1961, The Assam Subordinate Rules,1961 and the Departmental Examination

    Rules for Excise Officers

    c) Accounts Section:-

    It deals with all the matters being dealt with by the Accounts Section under personnel branch in so far as excise matters concerned.

    d) Implementation of Acts,Rules,Manuals and guidelines entrusted by the Government from time to time.


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