Animal Husbandry and Veterinary

Last Updated on: July 28, 2022

    *HOD Name: N Kalita

    * Mobile no: 9864148017

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    Department work details

    The department worlks are

    * Treatment of ailing animals & birds

      There are 12 nos of veterinary dispensaries through which ailing animals and birds are treated daily and medicines are distributed free of cost to the farmers as per availability.

    * Vaccination

       Animals and birds are vaccinated against the fatal disease to rpotect the livestock & poultry population

       i) F.M.D (foot & mouth disease) vaccine -Cloven footed animals are vaccinated against FMD.

      ii) H.S.(Haemorrhagic septicaemia) vaccine

      iii) Black quarter or BQ vaccine

      iv) Anthrax vaccine

       v) PPR (pestidius pestis ruminant) vaccine -fatal disease of goat & sheep

      vi) Swine fever vaccine-disease of pig

      vii) R.D.(Ranikhet disease) vaccine disease of poultry

      viii) Duck plague and duck cholera vaccine

    * Castration of bull,pig & goat: Bulls are castrated to make it Docile and to plough in field,pigs & goats are castrated for meat purpose

    * Artificcial insemination: Artificial insemination is done to upgrade the local indigenous cow for increasing milk production

    * Post mortem examination: Post mortem examination of animal or bird is done whenever it is required for diagonosis of the cause of the disease.Both the domesticated & wild animals P.M. examination can be done

    * Insurance of livestock: Insurance of cattle,pig gaot,sheep are done under NLM at a lower retae of premium at 3% , where 80% subsidy for ST/SC and BPL family, on the other hand APL gets 60% subsidy

    * NADRS(national Animal Disease Reporting system): In the NADRS system daily outpatient record are in the dispensary & uploaded in the NADRS portal by the Veterinary Doctors.More over vaccination, health camp also uploaded in the NADRS portal

    * Extension activities: Veterinary doctors are always in touch of farmers. So they have to make some group disscussion,awareness program among the farmers in field level they have to do extension activities like 1.Deworming of livestock 2. Fodder cultivation/demonstration 3. Housing and feeding of animals 4. Advantages of A.I. 5. Usefullness of vaccination 6. To inform know how about the different scheme in veterinary department.

    * During disaster like flood: During flood all the field staffs, doctors,VFA & Grade IV remain busy in health camp organization ,vaccination during & after flood also. In bird flu situation also our field staff gets ready for necessary action


    Different Projects running in the Department

    * Piggery farm at Sonaigaon, Udalguri under NLM & BTC

     The piggery farm at sonaigaon is running with the purpose of upgradation of pigs.The piglets are sold at the Government price to the farmers.



    * Dairy farm at Kajiamati, barnagaon under NLCPR

      The dairy farm at Kajiamati, barnagaon is running with 35 nos of C.b cows for production of milk purpose.Now the production of milk /day almost 120lt/day the milk  is selling in the Udalguri town.

       There is a fodder plot covering two bighah of land of napier Grass.