Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot



                    Bhairabkunda is situated with the wonderfull sites of nature in the tri-junction of Bhutan, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, is considered to be a God's gift for the human being. It is located at the northern bed, some 22 km from the district headquarter of Udalguri town. Also prominently known as important tourist place of Shiva' for the pilgrims. Devotees visit the temple frequently and offer pujas to achieve success in their life. Marriageable couples prefer the place for their romantic intimacy. The Shiva temple geographically lies into the Bhutanese territory ,but it is an important pilgrimage for the Indian visitors.


     The Bhairabkunada is not only the meeting place of geographical borders , but it is also for the river Jia Dhansiri, Bhairavi and Daifam.

     The meeting point of rivers looks like a 'Kunda' (worshipping place of Lord Shiva). Thus ,probably it got the name Bhairabkunda. The Bhairabkunda is a small town area under the Udalguri district of BTAD area in Assam, is a transit place for the eastern province of Bhutan.


      A Bhutanese small sub-divisional administrative town called 'Daifam' is here known for the wine trades. It was a fastly growing town area in Bhutan but lost its pace after the violent democracy support movement started in the late eighties in Bhutan. Although a very development faces at halt in the area a new dawn is expected after the creation of BTAD. The BTAD authority has taken interest to develop this area. The people prominently considered it as a suitable picnic spot for the new year.

     The Hindu devotees visit the place in 'Makar Sankranti'  where they take bath in the meeting point of three rivers and offer pujas in the Shiva temple.

     According to proverbial tales there was a kunda where the devotees used to offer pujas. The fishes in this kunda used to take the rice thrown by the sacred devotees and sprinkle the holy water for peace while they used to avoid impure people. In another tale, it is said that the extreme devotees of Shiva- The Bodos used to pray God performing Kherai dances in the ancient ages. The God realizes himself among the devotees and all the musical instruments were gathered in a house of Deuri(worshipper).

    Once , the house ablazed and all the musical instruments were disappeared. 'Bhim' of Panch Pandavas too was lived here during his 'AGYATAVASA' the proverbs quoted. Down the ages the three Bodo socialist heroes Laothai,bambur and Adang gwras were reigned the area. They were divided equal shares of land among their citizens.

    The area is prominently inhabitated by Bodo, Nepalese, Adivasis and Assamese communities in the area of BTAD, Arunachalee and Nepalese and Bhutias in the Bhutan.

Photographs of Bhairabkunda Festival 2020